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December 11, 2012


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marsha Sherr

I do not know the purpose of your survey but I would like to give some input ..... I was on Arimidex from 11/1/2007 for stage IV MBC mets to bones until late 2010 no problems just a little stiffness ..... then switched to generic when brand went of patent ..... took generic for about 2 months, terrible bone pain and stopped taking anything for about a month ... was able to get back on Arimidex and pain went away was on it until 11 of 2011 then switiched to faslodex as markers had risen and a few more bone mets showed on scans. It is my belief that the reason for my progression was using the generic as It most likely does not assimmilate in the gut the same way as the brand name. Just my opinion but more and more women are beginning to have similiar thoughts.

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Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms

Doctors generally treat cancer of the gallbladder that has come back (recurred) in the same way as stage 3 or 4 gallbladder cancer. But your treatment will depend on whether you have had radiotherapy or surgery in the past. And on where your cancer has come back. There is a maximum amount of radiotherapy that you can have to any one part ffdgdfgy body tissues. So if you have had radiotherapy before, you may not be able to have it again.

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