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December 18, 2012


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I am nothing special as a breast cancer survivor. I'm scarred and still have some troubles with the surgical sight. The chemo, carboplatin almost took my life July 13th 2009. Luckily I was at the Regional Cancer Center in Erie PA when it happened and they were able to save me with quick response & care. Had I gone home and climbed into bed that day, I would never have woken up. I was on chemo for a year. I lost 2 1/2 yrs. of my life in chemo brain. So much I can't remember for that length of time. I still deal with it, but less all the time. I still lose train of thought from time to time, and I mix letters up once in a while, but I'm doing great. I can walk for miles again. I survived it all, but my marriage didn't. My husband requested I leave just days after our 33rd anniversary and still under the influence of chemo brain. I'm handling that much better now & look foward to new beginnings, even this late in life, starting with a new grandson. There are so many hero's out there. I wish I could remember the name of the brave young woman I met at the cancer center. I asked her when she'd be done with chemo & she said never. She had a rare form of cancer. She was only 45 then. That was nearly 4 yrs ago. But her wonderful, bubbly attitude stuck with me. Chemo damages so many things physically & mentally, even family. But with positive attitude and great friends & family we can make it. If I could nominate anyone it would be that vibrant young woman whose name I think started with a K. Actually, I'd like to nominate all who have suffered. I can't just pick one and I don't know all of the stories. But I with them all the best in the world.


I am a breast cancer survivor going on 5 years now. I have been eating better and trying to eliminate acidic foods and eat more alkaline foods. I exercise and take vitamin D3.I have to admit, it hasn't been easy but attitude is playing a big role here. After having my breast removed I didn't look at myself as whole woman and was jealous of those who were. It took me about 2 years to work through the anger. I came to realize it is not about your body, but who you are and that I am alive. The person who helped me the most was my husband who stood by me. So many of the women I have come in contact with have said that they lose their husbands because they can not cope with the situation. I nominate all the husbands that stay true to their wives.

Jana Pollard

It has been just over a year since my diagnosis of non small cell lung cancer, which had spread to my spine. I went into the hospital in November 2011 with two broken vertebrae. After waiting to meet the spine surgeon, thinking I was a candidate for spinal surgery, he told me that something else is probably causing the bones to break, most likely cancer from somewhere else. Well, he was right. In two days, I had a CT to find a 2 inch long tumour in my upper lung. There was spreading to the spine, thus causing the weakened vertebrae, thus the collapse. I immediately started radiation to the spine and six weeks later found out I was a candidate for an oral chemo drug "Iressa", that restricts the growth of my type of NSCLC. Until April 2012 I was in a back brace, until the vertebrae healed. I have since changed my diet, stopped working, eliminated stress and am spending my time enjoying family and friends. I have to take it easy, as I have back pain (nothing compared to last year) when I do too much. Every day is a special day and a day to celebrate. I am a survivor and have shared my story with my family and friends on a blog
Every day is one day closer to getting better. Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love.


I like this idea. I may join with you and do a series as well. However thinking about cancer makes me sad. In my case, my loved ones have fought the cancer they faced bravely. However while they won several battles, ultimately their bodies could not hold out.

I will think of it and make a decision to focus my efforts in some way, so that perhaps other people can have a better chance of winning their fight. Early detection is key I think, when it comes to fighting cancer. So is strengthening your body and mind.


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