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August 15, 2012


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breast cancer awareness gear

I find this post too late!!! I have a friend who is struggling with breast cancer so I really want to do something to raise people's awareness about how terrible this disease is!!! I admire you all, the people who bravely struggle with breast cancer everyday.

Mike Postorino

Hi Alicia,

I could not find your email address so this was my only way to contact you. I had a chance to read through your site and found it to be very informational and provide some wonderful cancer resources.

Our organization, Mesothelioma Center, has recently interviewed mesothelioma cancer survivors and published their stories of survival on our site: asbestos.com/mesothelioma/wall-of-hope.php. Their stories provided me with a lot of perspective on what it must be like to be battling this disease. Maybe you can find them rewarding as well.

I was hoping you could help us spread mesothelioma cancer awareness by adding our Wall of Hope Badge to your site. Let’s work together to spread as much cancer awareness as we can!

Best Regards,
Mike Postorino
Mesothelioma Center

Margaret Cerulo

I like your approach to the disease and how cumulative efforts can provide support for those dealing with cancer as well as providing and sharing needed information for positive outcomes - this is wonderful work - warmest regards

click here

Whatever it is, let us just be positive and hopeful. I believe that a positive mind can help you in fighting your situation.

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