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February 20, 2010


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The obvious situation is mental health. I think for a while people with MH conditions, at least mild, easily treatable ones, were beginning to disclose at work and among friends, because it seemed like everyone and their brother was depressed or bipolar, but recent cases like the Amy Bishop shooting have renewed the stigma and made people afraid to say anything. It's too bad when you know people in the field who have been fighting so hard for parity.

But there are other examples I've seen. Chronic conditions like MS, where there may be some cognitive degeneration, or issues where stress causes further deterioration, and people are afraid to say anything. Or "simpler" things...like menopause. How many women, I wonder, have lost their jobs, or simply lost traction, because they became unpleasant to work with for a few years and no one (including, possibly, themselves) really understood why?

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