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December 04, 2008


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Made me tear up a little...and smile. Courage is what gets us through a lot. Laughter gets us through the rest.

Congrats. And thanks again for being an inspiration.


Thanks for sharing this powerful story. I've never had to make a similar decision, but the lesson applies to so many situations in life.


Awesome and inspiring post. My mother battled esophageal cancer several years ago. While she ended up passing away, I learned so much from her experience about how to deal with something like cancer. She ended up accepting things she always said she would never do-like agree to a colostomy. She faced it with courage and humor, as you have done. Thank you for sharing your experience-I know there's people out there who need this kind of encouragement.


You never cease to amaze me Alicia. Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your story, your struggles with us. You are a true inspiration :)

Qui Diaz

Thanks for sharing your story, and for the sincerely bittersweet laugh. I love how you're spreading hope through the social web. Here's to you, and bravery!

Linda M. Lopeke


I'm sorry the cancer returned and you must face the mastectomy. But I'm so glad you met that young man. Our bodies do not make us whole, we do.

When I find myself feeling sad about the physical body things I don't have, never had, or have lost, I remind myself of this thought: We are all handicapped; it's just that some of us have handicaps that show.

Take care and live.

Linda M. Lopeke

Troy Malone

Amazing post. It's great when someone like that impacts someone's life so huge. Life is what we make of it and how we react to it. Thanks for sharing that turning point!

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