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August 12, 2008


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Brian Simpson aka Bsimi

Aww... Thank you for the mention and thank you for ALL of your support durring my treatment. The post is great and really has some wonderful insight that I will take to heart. I am so ready to fly forward and knowing my sometimes reckless physical approach to life your post makes me realize that my treat ment is over but I have some work to do. The good news is its good work and my optimism will never die.


Great advice for all of us.
Thanks for sharing, and Brian welcome to the survivors club.


Perfect list.

This is my 4th dance with Hodgkin's and every point is as true today as it was when I was 1st diagnosed in 1996.

The only thing I'll add is *spread the love*. Don't be afraid to share your story and let others gain strength from your survival.

Karen Lynch

Great advice here!

I'll also add that people will continuously ask you how you are, with genuine concern, and their inquiry will always remind you that you had/have cancer even though you may momentarily forget.

Forgive them when they do and appreciate that they care about you, that's why they ask!


Thanks for the List. I too had Hodgkin's in my early twenties and BC at 40. As a survivor of 5 different cancers - I just recently finished Chemo again - I needed to be reminded about the "Normal" thing. I know there is no normal and I need to quit striving for the unattainable. I am so thankful for LIFE and do struggle a little bit with the "what do I do now" syndrome. Don't you ever think that just getting up and going to work everyday just isn't gonna cut it anymore - like I should be doing something bigger. Great site & thanks for your work with Tufts.

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