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June 24, 2008


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This is awesome! You are helping so many by simply telling your story of hope and perseverance through everything! You rock!

Rajesh Pancholi

Stand tall !!!!!

Tami Boehmer

Finally got to your blog. Keep up the great work!

Joel Gordon

I'm reading "LIVING DOWNSTREAM", a scientist's personal encounter with cancer. Great book. I recommend it highly.

connectwithme.tv is host to a television documentary about fighting cancer, please share your story and help inspire others to keep fighting.

Comment on the cancer conqueror blog: http://www.connectwithme.tv/connectwithme/Blog/Entries/2009/11/11_CANCER_Conquerors.html#


I also recommend "Swimming in a sea of death - a son's memoir" by David Reiff about his mother, Susan Sontag's battle with cancer.


Love your story of kick-ass survival, Alicia. I have so many friends who are doing battle against cancer right now; you have an amazing spirit and inspire everyone to keep up the fight.

loop editor

wow...your story is inspiring.
I have four more weeks of radiation to go.
If you would ever like to write a guest blog for us, drop us a line.

Spruce Hill

You are one amazing cancer kickin chic!

Risa Folsom

You are a remarkable woman. I wish I had half your courage. I don't have cancer but a serious heart condition. I spend alot of time feeling sorry for myself. You make realize a positive attitude helps. Thank you for being you.

Debbie Vinyard

Wow, I am glad I found you through twitter! I am a Hodgkin's survivor, 15 years ago at age 32 with a 6 week old and 3 year old. Doing great now! I founded a company, www.happyfirst.com -cute tees, hoodies-all about living your best life, pursuing your passion. just wrote a blog about being survivor ( www.happyfirstblog.com ). I believe I went through everything to give back and encourage others. I give a percentage of proceeds to LLS.Keep up what you are doing, you are an inspiration!

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