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May 28, 2008


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Boston in June?? I'd love to be there especially for my Cnacer survivor friends. Tell me how I can sponsor someone.

Lynne & Cary

Unfortunately, we won't be able to be there in person but certainly will be in spirit!!


Dude! You're bringin' it, alright! On a night I have to take a ridiculous intensive BioChem class. Boy have I got my priorities confused...
How about I skip class and go to your shindig instead?!? BUT WAIT... studying YOU would be a GREAT Biochem experiment! How about I bring MY WHOLE CLASS!?!


Unfortunately I can't make it, bummer. You know I'm always up for cocktails...especially pink ones. Send me the info to sponsor my favorite goalie and survivor!


I can't make it to Boston that weekend either but would be honored to sponsor you. Email me the info. please.....

Alicia C. Staley (@stales)

Gretchen - I'll send you the info. Are you sure you don't want to visit Boston?

Lynne & Cary - I'll miss you, sorry you can't make it!

Inga - DUDE, I'm bringing IT! Anytime you want me to come to your class for show and tell, just give me a call. You can always go see me at the Museum of Science in Boston!

Katie - I will make sure to drink all your pink cocktails.

Kelley - Thanks for stopping by. I'll send you the information.

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